Blake Phillipson

Blake Phillipson is the in-house artist and owner of Raven's Lectory. He is a self taught artist with a focus on illustration and character design. He also enjoys graphic design and printing.

Andrew McCulloch

Andrew McCulloch is a Dunedin born illustrator and designer who draws inspiration from the golden age of America illustration. He is studying design at Victoria University and his drive and discipline were fostered at the Katz Atelier school.


Art Station

Melanie dos Remedios

Melanie dos Remedios is an Australian-born, New Zealand-based Contemporary Ceramic Artist.

She works primarily with porcelain and stoneware clay, using various hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques. Past work has been dominated by wheel-thrown dishware for the hospitality sector.

Melanie also specialises in limited edition anatomical and botanical ceramics. Heavily based on research and a love of history and writing bring together intricately complex, interesting and interactive pieces. Along with delicate cobalt-designed dishware to complement her sculptural work.

MdR Ceramics


Bruce Mahalski

Bruce Mahalski is a Dunedin artist, known for his illustration, street murals, and sculpture incorporating animal bones. He is founder and director of the Dunedin Museum of Natural Mystery, a private museum of natural history and ethnographic objects and curios.



The Dunedin Museum of Natural Mystery

Bella, Wildwoodrose Dice

Bella is a multi-passionate artist living in a spooky cottage in central Dunedin. She was brought up on Lord of The Rings and Narnia, having consistently consumed fantasy tv and literature, and in 2020 finally played my first game of D&D which has steadily taken over her life ever since. Soon after she started playing, she fell down the polyhedral rabbit hole. Wanting to collect dice that reflected the vibes of the OCs she was playing and aesthetically added to the game play. Not being able to find anything quite right in NZ, she quickly got excited about creating her own.

Having experience with resin from art school, the groundwork was already set and the rest is history.

She particularly loves making dice that add to the role playing story- whether it’s carefully preserved acorns, mushrooms and moss spell components (perfect for an ambitious transmutation wizard), or the chromatic fractals of a meteor swarm forever suspended in time and space.