DUNGEON FRIENDS, a quick hello.


This blog will be about my musings and designs of ttrpgs, probably with something of a focus/lens on the d20 system (it's what pulled me into table top role-playing).

DUNGEON FRIENDS is the all ages acceptable name I'll be using for my own game, which is otherwise called DUNGEON FUCKERS. No, before you get ahead of yourself, it is definitely not about fucking in a dungeon. Think more crass rowdiness, less "sexy".
There's so many ideas and system paths I want to take and explore with this game, I wouldn't be surprised if I end up making multiple along the way. On one hand I want to refine the 3.0 d20 system (I think 3.0 may be a better foundation to work from than 3.5 or PF), and the other I want to explore systems like Troika! and other indie games.

Another project that will be linked to all this is a hopeful attempt at a hyperlinked 3.0 SRD. I really need to do some research into how to create something like the awesome d20srd. I'd like to think folk would use it too.

This first post is just an introduction really, but feel free to ask questions or start a conversation.

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